I'm a happily married mom to two exuberant, spirited, beautiful girls.

Creativity and imagination run amok in our humble house that is often cluttered with fabric scraps, balls of yarn, art projects and notebooks filled with poems and beginnings of future novels. Meals are served on a table painted with childhood memories and bedtimes are serenaded by the familiar sounds of my husband's acoustic guitar.

Our family lives simply on a shoestring budget and we try to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment whenever possible. Peace is a priority and a vegetarian lifestyle is a choice we made over 20 years ago, before our daughters were born. Now, as a family, we are exploring more vegan-friendly options together.

I believe that kindness does matter and change is possible. Apathy is important, education is key, and choosing not be blinded because we are afraid to see is sometimes the only way to make a difference in the world.

I found Squidoo by accident in 2007 and never imagined that writing silly pages about sparkly vampires and guyliner would lead to a full-time, work-at-home job, but though it never feels like work, I am now earning a living through my online adventures.

In April of 2010, I joined forces with Squidoo HQ to create and lead the Kawaii Bento Club, a community for bento enthusiasts to collaborate, share their passion, show-off their creative ideas and learn from each other to create healthy, eco-friendly, bento box meals.

I am currently very passionate about organic, real food and fighting the evils of the biotech industry. In April of 2011 I started the Utah Chapter of Millions Against Monsanto, a local group of concerned individuals who have joined together to challenge the corporate takeover of our food supply, stop new genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and help get new laws passed that would require GMO and factory farmed foods to be labeled as such.

I love music like a teenager and when I'm not working or cooking cute food, I love hanging out with my girls, being crafty or enjoying a night out with my husband watching one of our favorite bands. Music is a must in our house. It feeds our souls. We wake with it. We are serenaded to sleep it by it. It makes us happy. It comforts us when we are sad. It is linked to our memories. It is a part of life, of living.

aka: enslavedbyfaeries

enslavedbyfaeries is a reference to faery lore and the enchanted faery rings that are made of toadstools or wild mushrooms. If a human is lured into the ring by the faeries, it could lead to captivity forever in the fairy world.