Friday, August 19, 2011

Spork Yeah!

What can I say, simple stuff makes me happy. I'm no longer wooed by the plastic crap that once cluttered my kitchen. Somewhere in the process of getting rid of the toxic junk, I discovered these adorable bamboo sporks and they've become one of my favorite eco-geek finds!

We've been using them for over a year now in our lunchboxes, on camping trips, on hikes and picnics. They're very durable and easy to wash, but what I love most is the portable size.

With the release of the new Spork & Cork set a few months ago, I started thinking of clever ways to tote a few extra sporks around in my purse to make it easier to refuse plastic disposables at a moment's notice. Ha! Altoids to the rescue! Altoid tins are notorious for their many crafty uses and, yes, they are the perfect size to hold 2 Bambu Sporks. Now I'm armed with a clean spork wherever I go!

Kids Spork -easy to hold for babies and toddlers!

Bambu brand sporks are made from sustainable, organic bamboo and are free of bleaches and dyes, so I have no worries about toxins leaching into our foods. The funny thing is that the sporks are also stain resistant and don't absorb flavors, so I don't have to worry about food leaching into our bamboo! Spork yeah!

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