Friday, March 30, 2012


Last night I attended a sneak peek screening of the first two episodes of AUDIO-FILES, a new TV series that will begin airing in April on byutv. Not being of the LDS faith, nor a student, I have to admit that I was a little out of my element, but it turned out to be an amazing evening.  

The upcoming television show caught my interest a few months ago when my family attended a private concert where they were filming a live performance of a local folk hero, Joshua James. We go to a lot of Joshua's shows and they always lift our spirits, but there was a special kind of magic in the air that night and I know that everyone who attended felt it too.

When the first clip of the concert (video below) was released I was surprised by how perfectly the camera crew had captured the ambiance of the evening. I couldn't wait to see more, so when the opportunity finally arose to secure a ticket to the first screening I jumped on it. 

When we arrived at the screening we were welcomed by friendly faces and were promptly outfitted with #audiofiles t-shirts and wristbands. Free stuff is always fun!

The first episode featured the band Imagine Dragons and was very enjoyable. Along with fantastic desert scenery and crazy carnival rides, the episode also includes some great footage of the roof-shaking concert in Provo last summer which was fun to relive on the big screen.

The second episode featured Joshua James and it was superb! The mood of the theater immediately warmed up and the audience melted into a lighthearted group of kindred spirits who now have a new fondness for goats. I'm sure there are at least three of us who will be shopping for pitchforks and chicken coops this weekend... Anyway, being a faithful reader of Joshua's blog, I watched with a happy heart as he spilled his soul and spoke of love, life, nature and the worthlessness of money where genuine happiness is concerned. The show was so beautifully done that I actually caught myself about to clap and holler at the end of the performance scenes. Joshua's episode will be released in April. Prepare to be charmed.

I never would have guessed that I'd be this excited about byutv, but life is full of unexpected surprises. Music is life and AUDIO-FILES gives a very intimate glimpse of what inspires the artists to do what they do. Watch for full episodes beginning April 10th.

Note: I am a commercial hating freak and don't have cable or local programming on my television, but I was able to add the byutv channel to my Roku box so I can steam the episodes as they air. You can also subscribe to AUDIO-FILES on YouTube.

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  1. Sounds great - can't wait to see it. Roku is the best!