Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leaf Crunchin', Puddle Jumping & Hot Lunches

On the first chilly day of fall I realized that I needed to come up with some hot lunch ideas for the girls and my husband who is now working longer hours. Since we've managed to make it this far into the school year without using any plastic ziploc baggies, we really want to continue our waste-free lunch habits, so the search began for a good quality stainless steel Thermos that would keep their food hot until lunchtime. Actually, they all have access to a microwave, but who wants to spend their lunch break waiting in line to cook and reheat?
 After some careful consideration I chose the Thermos Nissan because it gets great reviews and I really like the simple style and space saving design. The kids each got a 10 ounce container and we got the larger 16 ounce (adult) size. The wide mouth openings make them easy to fill and eat out of, so there's no need to send an extra serving bowl which would probably be kind of messy anyway. I really dislike mucky lunchboxes!

Wouldn't you know it? Now that we're ready to get cookin', the weather couldn't be more beautiful! The rain, snow and sleet have stopped, the sun is shining and the fallen leaves are drying out again. Looks like we have time to enjoy some a few more cold sandwiches and days filled with leaf crunchin' before we get into puddle jumping soup and chili mode! 

In the meantime, I've started compiling a list of Thermos recipes and cold weather lunch ideas at my Hot Lunch Headquarters. My favorite idea so far is the heart healthy oatmeal recipe that cooks right inside the Thermos! 

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