Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Green Grass and Rainbow Bells

Our family has come to know and LOVE a local singer/songwriter, Joshua James, who occasionally performs a lovely cover of Green Grass by Tom Waits at the end of his shows. Anyone who has seen it live can tell that it is quite magical! There is a small part in the song where Joshua kneels on the ground and charms all who are near with a set of rainbow bells.

With all the strumming and songwriting that goes on in our own house, we were inspired to find a sweet little set of musical desk bells to add to our jamboree. Surprisingly, they are much more fun to play than we anticipated and are the perfect instrument to accompany a ukulele or acoustic guitar.

We may eventually upgrade from our spring-loaded toy set, but, for now, these will do just fine. They ring out strong with a little tap of the finger (or the foot). Of course, they came with songbook filled with songs like Twinkle Twinkle..., but it's much more fun to make up your own or figure out personal favorites to play by ear.

I've heard that these can be fun for office spaces too when kept on the reception desk with employee names attached - everyone in the office must learn their special ring tone and then they know exactly who's needed when the bell rings. What a clever way to brighten a typical workday. :)

Here's to music, magic and rainbows!

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